2 comments on “V-Check Report: WordEngine English assessment ワードエンジン (英単語力測定)

  1. High-score people: it seems every one has been abroad at least more than 6 months. It is very impressive if one get more than 18000 who’s never been on airplane. I assume educated native people do get a perfect score since they can just smell validity of words in some sense while non-native would just say “what?”. Relative score rather than exact one seems to tell overall vocabulary level: people who got 15000 definitely know English better than people who got 10000. Native speakers with a college degree, particularly in USA, UK, Irish, Canada, AU and NZ folks, should get perfect on this.


    単語力測定 http://gyazo.com/178e8af9bca33d2f3ffca656527cc2bd.png
    He is a prof at Keio Uni
    増井 俊之 Toshiyuki Masui

    an IT researcher

    やってみました http://j.mp/3xqOQn
    CMU PhD stu.

    Spent secondary schools in Canada

    IT. a frequent traveler.

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