2 comments on “”これからの「正義」の話をしよう 今を生き延びるための哲学”

  1. http://watanabeyukari.weblogs.jp/blog/2010/08/kodomo-tetsugaku.html
    Americans discuss this type of questions for the sake of discussion more often than Japanese. But the sophistication of Sandel’s discussion is far beyond the level of discussion observed in many occasions she is talking about in the US. For example, in elementary school, they will not discussing about Monica Lewinsky and about the meaning of “sexual relationship”.
    Once you checked most of his 12 lectures, then you realize that they are discussing various topics in detail and the construction and logic are very advanced. They are constructing discussion following tight rules based on reasoning of philosophers. Every one is familiar with the topics but it does not mean that every one can construct justification and reasoning based on pre-existing arguments. The people who think they know the answers for these questions are simply did not get the points.

    Irony of the American system is that despite the existence of lively pluralistic philosophical discussions, it engages in a war disregarding discussions, common sense and evidence. It makes horrible mistakes as well as splendid successes a few other nations can reprecate.

  2. Some people praise Sandel and some other criticize for him. Well, often criticisms go to the relatively elementary level of discussions. Lectures really do not go into details. By design, they are introductory and he is doing excellent job for that. By the way, people criticizing him based on translated programs should refrain from doing so until they understand his original lectures. It is almost like criticizing a kabuki play dabbed in English. (I am not a fan of kabuki since I really do not see the points yet.)

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